8 Traits of an Awesome Customer Experience Team

Are you an outstanding customer experience leader? How do you benchmark your teams?

There are many different ways. One popular way is to look across the calendar year and you’ll notice an array of customer experience awards. Nice if you can get your hands on one. For a while at least you can boast you are top of the class in customer experience or in your industry sector.

But then, some think, how accurately do these awards reflect the traits of a high functioning team?

Another (less popular) way is to benchmark on specific behaviours and outputs. For example, the team you have:

  • Is open to challenge and is flexible
  • Is self-challenging
  • Is ahead of the competition
  • Is innovative
  • Is superbly supportive
  • Mutually mentors each other to new levels of performance
  • Has a ‘can do’ philosophy
  • Are all committed to encouraging the best from themselves and their colleagues

These are the signs of a super team.

With traits such as these there is also likely to be a mature coaching culture in which teams are now (or are close to) self-coaching. There are many managers who would love to lead a self-coaching team. Few do, while some still scratch the surface of basic coaching. And as a consequence, performance can’t reach its potential.

As you cast an eye over each of the 8 points above, notice how these combine behaviours with mindset. The two are inseparable in the creation and maintenance of a super team.

How would a team like this likely react to challenge and change? Superbly and in their stride.

All this might raise further questions for you, such as:

  • Where are my teams right now compared to these traits?
  • How do I create these 8 traits within the vision I have for my teams?

If this is the type of team you would love to create and lead? Then why not get in touch by emailing me at glenn@futurevisiontraining.co.uk.

This is completely within your grasp, but you might just need a little guidance – which we are always happy to offer.

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    There are many managers who would love to lead a self-coaching team. Few do, while some still scratch the surface of basic coaching. And as a consequence, performance can’t reach its potential.

    Glenn Bracey,
    Future Vision Training,
    10th March 2016


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