Busy is just an excuse! – The hidden reason why we won’t chill out.

If you are really observant you’ll realise that you’re not actually all that busy. I know that’s controversial but stay with me!

Busy lifestyle

‘Busy’ has become a highly regarded trait in our fast-paced world where we share our lives through channels like social media and other online presences. We spend a lot of time using social media to indicate many of our daily thoughts, movements, success, triumphs and insecurities. This creates the idea of business in our lives, even when, perhaps we are not.

Here’s the real hidden elephant in the room.

It’s not that everyone else needs you so you have no time for yourself… it’s that you don’t want to spend time with yourself. (JC Peters, 5 Reasons not to meditate.)

Perhaps the idea of sitting alone with your feelings terrifies you?

The solution?

Keep busy, keep in control, keep strategising, keep shopping, eating and drinking, keep chasing and keep avoiding the great unknown! There’s nothing more unpredictable and unnerving than emotions.

Where’s the evidence?

You see it when we replace over working or over exercising for something more intimate such as a relationship.

In cyber relationships, for example, text sex and distant dating are the key components. As we kid ourselves there’s no time or opportunity to connect, relate and become intimate (and I don’t just mean sexually intimate). This all comes under the illusion that we are too busy.

For lots of evidence on this type of lifestyle, look at what’s happening in Japan how it is helping to create the deepest population decline in the world.

It hasn’t changed in decades

An elderly friend of mine recalls hearing a radio programme in 1974 declaring the age of technology and the main benefit it was being sold upon. That it will give humans much more leisure time. Yeah right.

When we can’t be comfortable with our emotions we will never be free, chilled or balanced.

This is why depression is on the increase, with burnout and change fatigue as well as relationship failure and family breakdown.

Supposedly, we haven’t even got the time to know how to be ourselves.

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Glenn Bracey

Glenn Bracey

Glenn is the co-founder and inspirational learning and performance director of Future Vision. He is a trainer, coach, conference speaker and passionate advocate of developing learning that makes a tangible difference to your business, its people and customers.

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