Case Study: Financial Times

Developing the customer contact experience at the Financial Times

The Challenge:

The management team recognised the need to improve customer satisfaction and retention within the Ft.Com and General Enquiries Teams. These teams were responsible for a large percentage of customer contact and how they interacted with their customers would play a key part in how the FT was perceived. The challenge was in helping these teams become more customer focused and see the importance of the overall experience they could create for their customers.

The Solution:

We started by spending time in the Ft.Com and general enquiries teams, observing and talking to the advisors, their team mangers, and head of customer service. This helped us understand their perspectives, thoughts and in some cases concerns. We then listened to a cross section of their telephone calls enabling us to understand the customers agenda, what the advisors were already good at, what could be improved and what might need to be added to their performance if they were going to be able to improve the level of customer service and experience being provided.

We then designed a bespoke customer service programme for all staff, which was supported by a coaching programme for team leaders. This included a specialist call coaching model to enable the team leaders to coach and support staff in the specific skills learnt during the training.

The Customer Benefits:

Customer satisfaction rose from 54.9% to over 80% within 3 months. A new call monitoring system is now in place, which understands and recognises the importance of conversational quality and is used as the basis of all call coaching. A coaching culture has been established with the department. This has led to enquiries about this on a group wide basis. Staff satisfaction has improved, as staff are now more confident and interested in their own self-development and delivering good customer experiences.

  • Quote-background

    There has been a significant improvement in our customer service performance since Future Vision delivered the training and coaching programmes. This has led to a marked improvement in our customer satisfaction.

    Jocelyn Cripps,
    Financial Times



By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator