Do You Want and Need Passionate Staff?

I guess passion is really important because its so dynamic at making a difference in a customer experience business.

Visiting a friend recently who owns a chain of smoothie retail outlets he was complaining about the challenges in getting and retaining passionate, reliable staff.

Passion and Reliability…

…are an interesting combination because if you have passionate staff they tend to be reliable because they love showing up.

Showing up reliably is one the thing and its also about how we show up in the work we do, the sport we play, the commitments we keep.

Consider these three essential questions

  • Whats the quality in how we show up?
  • How is it sustained?
  • Who does it serve?

When passion is well directed, well nurtured and well aimed these questions are easily answered.

Ultimately our passion serves everyone. The customer, the business and ourselves.

Passion Enhancement

Of course, job interviewers look out for passion in interview but i am surprised how little passion enhancement is utilised in organisations once staff are employed.

Here’s a check list of 7 recommendations


  • Don’t assume a passionate interviewee is only living to work in your employ
  • Establish their hidden, deeper passions beneath the answers they want you to hear. What purpose in life really motivates them?
  • Discuss how your employ supports (or not) their deeper passion.
  • This might mean that you have an organisation of passionate employees where some staff use you as a stepping stone towards their greater purpose
  • If that means I am deeply passionate about becoming a clothes designer and I am working in your call centre have continuous open and progressive discussions with me about how my work is supporting my ultimate passion. This means a non-fear based approach to management.
  • Realise that if you can link staff passion, with their deepest purpose linked to your employment you’re likely to enhance their drive while they are in your employ.
  • This is far better for performance and results than employing staff that can skilfully feign their excitement working for you in interview.

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