How Clear is Your Customer Experience Vision?

When asked around two thirds of organisations don’t have a clearly defined customer experience vision.

This reminds me of the old saying – If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll probably end up there! 

  • Interview leaders and they sometimes believe their vision is clear enough. They tend to base this on the handful of values they’ve produced for staff or the recent presentations they have given them.
  • Interview staff and its clear they are sketchy as to what customer experience means to them on a day to day basis – In terms of specific behaviours and priorities.

Confusion cemented when they see leaders asking for far too many priorities than can be healthily achieved.

If staff do have a sense of it,  it often reveals the inconsistencies there are that reflect the inconsistent customer results the organisation is creating.

There’s a lack of shared understanding regarding what customer excellence looks, sounds and feels like – From centre to skin of the organisation; to both external and internal customers.

Creating a Clear Customer Experience Vision 

Is not an easy step but an essential one that can be shaped and honed by considering the following insights?

  • Factor in the reality if your staff engagement survey. The way your internal customers feel radically shapes the style of vision you need
  • Emotions drive behaviour – focus specifically on how you want customers to feel about your customer experience. Such as feelings of trust and loyalty
  • Use creative exercises to formulate a vision statement that unites the senior leadership team
  • Discuss the process and momentum you need around the vision for it to succeed. That might include
  • How the leaders can walk the talk of the vision
  • The amount if champions you’ll need to create a critical mass around the vision and how to select the right champions with most social influence
  • The measurement of the vision, over specific time lines
  • The training gap the vision creates between where you are now and where you want to be and how to fill it?

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