Over Processing Customers – The Classic Way to Destroy Customer Experience

Over processing or treating the customer as though they are just another on the conveyor belt coming through, is still rife across UK customer experience organisations. 20 years ago, I foolishly thought we would have all woken up to this by now.

Recently, I received insight to a sizeable contact centre that holds many important contracts to deliver customer service for UK organisations.



Guess how much time they spend on developing a relational customer experience and the quality of the call?

1.5 hours! Yes you did read that right, it’s not a typo.

While they give weeks of knowledge, processes and systems training, just an unbelievable 90 minutes are given over to understanding the customer’s:

  • expectations
  • emotional and empathic needs
  • psychological needs (how they think and behave)
  • communication needs (the different styles required)
  • complaint needs

The five headings above comprise of weeks of learning and yet this is crammed impossibly into a few hours. These needs are didactically delivered or ignored completely.

Sadly, this state of affairs isn’t uncommon and it creates the following consequence. With no proper relational skills development, there’s going to be only one style of customer experience delivered; over-processed.

Why are relational skills so heavily undervalued by some organisations?

Is it because the decision makers aren’t good at understanding human relationships? Are they more adept at relationships with their computers or balance sheets or products and logic? Why this is still going on 20 years after I first started in consultancy is because it’s a new generation of leaders pushing the same buttons.

Here we go, once again with Einstein’s definition of madness – doing the same things and expecting to get better results!

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Glenn Bracey

Glenn Bracey

Glenn is the co-founder and inspirational learning and performance director of Future Vision. He is a trainer, coach, conference speaker and passionate advocate of developing learning that makes a tangible difference to your business, its people and customers.

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