Raising the passion for engagement – Awards, Winners and Nose Hair

Nose2Recently, I attended a judging and awards ceremony for some of the best customer experience training in the UK and it was interesting listening to the judges of other categories as well as my own because…

One of the critical factors that appeared to make a difference between winning or not was passion. The passion to passionately engage audiences.

So overwhelming was this critical factor it begged the question, how do we accept learning solutions, via online portals and classroom trainers who cannot engage through passion, feeling and emotion?

Naturally, this isn’t an easy request, especially if you are designing knowledge based learning that’s to be delivered on line. Still there is plenty of learning that has no passion and no engagement and without passion, engagement and feeling within the learning how can it take hold?

I’ve seen this time and again in trainer training. Trainers who have been empowered to deliver the same workshop but those who get the highest scores and their students go onto retain more learning are the ones that execute with passion, engagement and emotion.

If we ever required learning that over spilled with passion, engagement and feeling its now. With so many on line learning modules and a young work force who have recently left schools and universities in which they lost being engaged a long time ago and now find themselves all learned out.

‘Thought Leaders’ (is it only me that dislikes this term!) suggest that future organisations will hand over greater responsibility of on the job learning to staff. And while I can see this could take shape I wonder what thought the leaders have given to the role of passion, engagement and emotion within self-directed learning.

It’s interesting to know that the vast majority of language self-learning, and online language learning never gets completed by those customers who decided they were passionate enough to invest.

It’s because passion isn’t something you just have, can buy or immediately access. It’s much more unconscious than that and it requires understanding, nurturing and sustaining.

Personally I amazed at how we don’t understand, cultivate and nurture passion in our corporate cultures.¬† What do you think would be the average Directors response if we tried to sell them a training programme on passion?

Perhaps not many would buy it under the misguided assumption that those they have employed should automatically have it as a result of being paid.

Not so as we reference once again only a quarter of UK employees are actively engaged within their work.

Its not hard to find someone’s passion. I often do this during a training needs analyses when I dare to ask individuals:

  • What do you really love in life?
  • What’s in your soul or the reason why you’re on the planet?

Of course I get the occasional strange look at first because these are rare questions to be asked. But within 5 minutes I have an understanding of the real passion and the depth of this within them.

I often find leaders and managers who are generally scared to have such discussions but that’s why they need training on passion that few directors would ever buy!

And so as the judging rounds rolled into the awards lunch, passion seemed to take an increase – but now it seemed, for some, it was the alcohol (and there was plenty of it) that was the influencing factor and not an innate drive to naturally share their inner passion.

I wondered why this new level of passion now on show couldn’t have been included in some of the more lifeless presentations earlier (without the booze of course)

As for nose hairs this is a subject to be passionate about.

How many male judges did I meet that had rogue nasal hairs protruding like a rasta’s deadlock?

Ears that hadn’t been plucked since their mid thirties.

Gentlemen once you have 35 years and more under your belt its time to become passionate about nose and ear hair. It’s not engaging, unless there is a full moon or you find yourself in a grave yard.

Pluck up your passion and pluck out your nose hairs and those of us responsible for providing engaging learning might raise the game.

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