Customer Experience

Customer Experience training

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator Source: Customers 2020 report

Customer experience is a critical indicator for business, with 80% of CEO’s believing their organisation delivers a superior customer experience, unfortunately only 8% of their customers agree, with 86% stating their expectations haven’t even been met let alone exceeded in the last year.

Add the latest UKCSI index (July 2015) which reports that customer satisfaction is at its lowest level 76%, since 2010 and you have to wonder what is going wrong for the majority of organisations who have clearly placed CX on the corporate agenda and invested significant time, money and resources with the aim of not only meeting customers expectations but in many instances going out of their way to exceed them.

The holy grail of Customer Experience

This quest to deliver experiences that consistently exceed customer expectations has left many organisations scratching their heads as they continue to seek new and ever innovative ways of delivering an experience that builds brand loyalty. This is the holy grail for organisations, as they know loyal customers, stay longer, spend more, and will also recommend you to their friends and family.

The secret of brand loyalty

At Future Vision we know how to build brand loyalty through the delivery of consistently good customer experiences, whether that’s in store, in contact centre or online, in service or sales, (it doesn’t matter its all about understanding customers needs), we have the experience, and expertise and have worked with over 100 organisations of all shape and size, transforming how they think about and deliver their customer experience.

We work at both the strategic and operational level, providing business insight and consultancy services in:

  • Cultural development: Aligning and connecting your CX Vision, mission and values to employee mindset and behaviours
  • CX education and learning: for leaders, managers and frontline teams
  • Employee research: on performance, engagement, motivation and incentives
  • Contact centres: Analysing interaction quality in contact centres, in-store and online
  • Customer research, insight and analysis: Customer journey mapping and Customer focus groups

Make it easy, make it personal

Our overall CX philosophy is encapsulated in the single phrase, ‘make it easy, make it personal’ and is informed by research and practical evidence that highlights ultimately what customers really want, need and expect when they do business with a company (including buying and being serviced, especially when there is a problem).

94% of customers who have a low effort experience will buy from the same company again

Make it Easy and straightforward relative to the complexity of the request. You would expect to put more effort into completing a mortgage application than you would getting a bank statement for example. On the other hand high effort experiences cause significant damage to an organisation. If I have to call the company back several times, because they haven’t kept me informed or didn’t provide the correct information or advice, or are continually transferred between departments or channels, which can often mean repeating my personal data and story, or it takes me ages to navigate the IVR to find the right person to speak to, or I cannot find the answer on your website FAQs, then I might just start to think is this really worth the effort, I am not alone either in wanting an experience that is low on effort.

Make it personal is about taking the time to really understand customers needs, wants and expectations to create the emotional and personal connection that we know customers love. Whether in service or sales it matters not, the key is being able to recognise that above all else customers want to be treated like a human being. They may not always want bells and whistles but they always want to feel like the organisation they are doing business values them and treats them like an individual and not just another transaction to be processed.

Using the latest thinking on customer experience, and supported by scientific research, we can show you how to create consistently good customer experiences that drive customer retention, repeat business and recommendations, transforming operational performance, employee engagement and customer loyalty.