The Big Love Way to Big Business

If you were to sit me on a ‘how’s it feel to be a customer couch?’ and ask me to play free association with the words ‘Big Business’ I’d pour forth with, ‘fat cats, greed, above the law, self-interested, tax avoidance…’ Enough. How the world has changed since I was a graduate when I battled with my peers to land the graduate placement in one of the biggies, preferably one of the big banks or consultancy firms. Fast forward a decade later and I’m in a conference room and those that work in banking are asked to put their hand up by an inspiring speaker from First Direct. No one lifts a hand, even though I know that one third of those delegates are from the banks.

Trust is the only currency that can restore the relationship between big business and the cynical customer in a world where all our biggest institutions are being challenged from banking to the BBC. Restoring trust is a long-term commitment. Here are 7 considerations for businesses that want to build deep trust within the hearts and minds of the people they serve.

No.1 Big Purpose Your company has a unique destiny to fulfil in this life time.

Recognise your company’s purpose, step up to that and thrive, setting the values at your core to guide your people to living and breathing your very own raison d’être!

No.2 Big One One cannot survive without the other. The organisation and the customer. Two’s company after all.

Write your ideal customer list and then get busy living the values that your ideal customer identifies with. Be the One to attract the One because like attracts like.

No.3 Big Story Say Yes to the business of directing a worthwhile company.

Create your vision board and set your manifestation wheels in motion.

No.4 Big Relationships According to motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, ‘We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with the most’.

Surround yourself with people that are singing from the same hymn sheet. Together you’ll achieve your destiny.

No.5 Big Serve Serving a purpose bigger than building up your cash reserves keeps your wheels turning when business feels like an uphill challenge. Being of service is the noblest of paths to blaze a trail on.

Create a business that captures customer’s hearts by delivering a service that enriches their lives and in return yours.

No. 6 Big Karmic Action Being mindful of your actions is the root to creating a positive difference in the world.

Lead from the heart and act in the best interests of the customers you serve and your people who deliver.

No. 7 Big Best Mastering the relationships between organisation, employee and customer to create a thriving business built on service excellence deserves to stand tall and be recognised.

Share your story with humility and hold a beacon so that others can follow in your path.

And finally…

Go forth with courage to lead from the heart, to arrive at destination Big Love where the spirit of Fortuna awaits with open arms. Open your company up to the love, happiness, joy and wealth it truly deserves.

You will find that trust is the currency of our times. Is it worth investing in such culturally embedded change? Big. Time.

Thank you to our guest blogger, Frea O’Brien.

Frea O’Brien, Chief Inspirer, Our Big Love Company As founder of Our Big Love Company, Frea combines her work with customer service associations to raise service standards across the industry with the personal coaching of leaders to develop businesses that put customers at the heart of what they do and are driven by making a positive difference in the world. Find out more about Frea and her journey at Our Big Love Company.

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