Values – What do you stand for? How should they motivate?




In a recent discussion, someone shared the sum of their business values; making money and profit.

I was hoping there was more underneath these but her world-view of what it means to run a business happens to be different to ours.

Values have an impact on how people are treated, staff engagement, motivation and commitment, all of which affect bottom line results.

If at any time you are thinking of

  • Creating or re-organising your own business values
  • Re-aligning your values with your purpose
  • Creating a team or company that is totally inspired, engaged and motivated by their values
  • Working with us here at Future Vision

We thought we would share ours

They are

  1. Authentic, honest and transparent
  2. Generates togetherness
  3. Fulfilling real needs
  4. About the recipient (Not the seller)
  5. Long-term relationships
  6. Putting people in touch with themselves/their potential

For a no obligation chat about how values positively affect performance, motivation, purpose and creating excellence in your business contact me at

  • Quote-background

    I was hoping there was more underneath just the 2 values of making money and profit.

    Glenn Bracey,
    Future Vision Training Ltd,
    28th November 2016


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