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Peak performanceFor many businesses performance seems to be everything. Whether these are to outperform competitors, fulfil our potential or ride the challenges of change.

What understanding will we need to create high performance?

Many world class athletes offer useful models to follow because they factor in the essential ingredients of:





Recreational (rest and play)

These factors also stand true for us.

Whatever our competitive world happens to be; whether we are on the board, in HR, in sales, customer service, a front line police officer, or student who has just joined University. Hoping to excel, connect and deliver our very best.

Once we understand how these factors operate within our self, we own the keys to high performance and the best that we can be.

World class is a standard that can be transported anywhere but being good in just a few areas will only get us so far.

Of course, we can be the brightest employee, mentally dexterous and advanced in our knowledge of products and systems but our performance doesn’t reach peak because we over work which really means we don’t know how to rest and play and we find emotional connection difficult, which lessens our personal resilience.

Fortunately, neuroscience is now proving what world class performers have known for decades. Once we understand how to balance and nurture the whole body-mind system peak performance is in our (and everyone’s) grasp.

One straightforward method with science behind it is a performance methodology that benefits by utilising the Gamma waves in our brain to balance and improve performance.

This has been pioneered by Chris Walton (Performance Psychologist) who says,

“In today’s fast paced world of competitive workplaces and relentless change, increasing your energy, resilience and mental fitness is essential for you to perform at your best.

My training teaches you the most advanced and effective way to do this. Unlike many training programmes, this course is validated by leading edge science. And supported by my book: Peak Performance in 60 Seconds – The 4 Essentials to Maximise Your Energy, Resilience and Performance.”

We have known Chris for some years now and he has made us an unbelievable offer for our readers and customers: A chance to attend the training to learn how to reach Peak Performance states, effortlessly and consistently, absolutely free.

The entire programme is based on three 2 hour modules located in Brighton, England (March 2014) so the only thing for you to take care of is your travel expenses. You also receive a free copy of Chris’s book, ‘Peak Performance in 60 Seconds’.

His business testimonials speak for themselves as many organisations such as Thompson Directories, Sussex NHS Trust and Kennet Life Insurance have already profited by outstanding results through this method.

There are a couple of places left available for our readers which are on a first come, first served basis.

Grab a place by contacting us on for your chance to attend, or if you’d like any more information about Future Vision Training and our services in learning and performance.

So before we wrap up, what would peak performance mean to you in your life, work and results?

What dreams would it help you achieve?

Until next time, Glenn.

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