You’re Organisation’s Climate – A Quick Quiz to Work it Out!

Climate.Quiz.2Climate is: What does it feel like to work here?

This is probably the most straightforward description of the meaning of the word climate, and as many people know if you don’t change your climate you have little hope of changing your culture.

Maybe one or other of these aren’t serving great performance right now.

Culture is how things get done; climate is how people feel about it all.

To appreciate if your climate is one that supports outstanding performance and collaborative relationships you could ask these useful questions

  • How do people feel when ‘the parents’ are in the business?
  • How do they feel when they are not?
  • Are people breathing more easily, freely, expansively and creatively when the leaders and managers are in situ?
  • Is their commitment full and open?

Perhaps there are pockets of commitment and a lot more compliance!

Maybe the climate serves the psychological patterns of the leaders and not the majority of staff. Making the leaders feel in control for instance. While people cover how they truly feel with a smile or nod.

Someone I know, recently sat in a meeting in which managers were talking about losing x million from their budget. They tried to create an up-beat feel; that this is ‘an opportunity’.

It was very clear that the surrounding anxiety was so great the only way the managers could be okay giving this news was by this false/positive affect.

  • What state of mind is being created here?
  • What types of other damaging emotions are being ignited and not dissolved? (Such as blame and shame)
  • Would this situation create compliance or commitment?

Here’s an interesting climate quiz we’ve created.

Score from 1 to 5, five points for high scores and one for low.

1. How alive do you feel about your current job role?

2. How aligned is your role to your fundamental values and personal vision? (Why you are on the planet?)

3. How motivated are you by your direct manager?

4. How motivated are you by your senior leader team?

5. How engaged and connected do you feel to your organisation its goals and vision?

6. How supportive is your working environment during times of challenge and change?

7. How often does good work get blocked by cliques and us versus them scenarios?

8. How often do you receive meaningful praise, recognition and feedback?

9. How often do the leaders truly acknowledge what the majority are feeling and react meaningfully?

10. How often do you tell others what a great place it is you work?



  • 40-50 = a climate that is working for its people and is likely to be helping people feel satisfied and worthwhile
  • 30-39 = a climate that has some positives and some improvements to make
  • 20 -29 = a climate that needs a re-think, a new strategy and important changes at management and leader level
  • 0 – 19 = a climate that needs an overhaul, starting with the senior leaders

Glenn Bracey

Glenn Bracey

Glenn is the co-founder and inspirational learning and performance director of Future Vision. He is a trainer, coach, conference speaker and passionate advocate of developing learning that makes a tangible difference to your business, its people and customers.

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