Our Story

Future Vision was born in the summer of 2000 by friends and former work colleagues Tony Dain and Glenn Bracey, who met and worked together three years earlier at a call centre training and consultancy business in London.

After a somewhat unexpected turn of events and some amazingly supportive clients we took the momentous decision to start our own  business, determined to bring a breath of fresh air to the training space and a new lens to human performance in the business world. Having led their own work teams as well as Tony being the coach of a sports team, and with backgrounds in coaching, behavioural psychology, learning, human performance and team building we felt perfectly positioned to help organisations unlock the potential of their people and improve the performance of their teams.

Our beginnings also coincided with the rise of the call centre industry, so many of our early assignments involved designing bespoke call handling, sales and customer service training for frontline teams and training for their team leaders on coaching and leading high performing teams. What was evident was that very little time or focus had been given to developing the human performance skills that enable individuals and teams to perform at their best and achieve their potential, and this didn’t just apply to people working in contact centres it was also evident across other functions within the organisations we worked with.

We started to get involved in projects with back office and support functions, retail teams, field service and sales teams, training teams, management teams in a variety of private sector businesses. We also moved into the public sector, working with the Foreign Office, several government agencies and for a number of years with the police service where we were involved in two world leading projects. Nearly twenty years later having built up a wealth of experience and expertise  we continue to work with organisations, finding new ways to improve their peoples performance and results.

We have been fortunate to work with some fantastic companies and incredible people, you can find out a bit more about them both below.


Our Results

Read more about the Performance and Wellbeing Challenge, our value and impact, and some of our recent projects

Meet Our Directors

Find out more about our directors and co-founders, Tony Dain and Glenn Bracey
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