Meet the team

We are fortunate to work with a small, continually growing team of amazing people, who share our passion and values for making a positive difference to the people and organisations we collaborate with.

Our team come from a range of different backgrounds, including Learning, Operational Management, Change, Leadership and Consultancy and have worked across many industries in both the public and private sectors.

Our purpose is to make a difference to your business by unlocking and growing the potential of your people. Our value comes in helping you develop and change the mindsets and behaviours of your people, creating sustainable improvements in both human performance and business outcomes.

Caroline Griffiths

Caroline is a dynamic licensed change practitioner, CMI professional consultant and coach. She is widely regarded as a trusted advisor, innovative leader and results-driven professional. With a strong customer focus, commercial acumen and innate curiosity for how organisations work. Helping both organisations and people look, holistically at self, group dynamic, and via process to do things differently that achieves better results. Her operational experience at the highest levels, matched with her 'getting under the skin' consultative approach has afforded privileged opportunities in both private and public sectors. She blends a humanistic approach with higher and post graduate education in psychiatric studies, psychology and criminology amongst others. She is fully trained in media and facilitation and her learning comes via Cranfield and the Harvard and Toulouse school of economics. And she loves having a laugh while doing brilliant work in business.

Mark Hawkswell

Mark is an experienced facilitator, coach, public speaker and enabler with 23 years experience working in both the public and private sectors. He is dedicated in helping organisatons create meaningful work experiences for people, workplaces that are highly collaborative and led by leaders who want to make a huge ecological difference in what they do. He works in a way to empower people through facilitation and has an increasing commitment to simplicity. For self and others he values building knowledge, developing insights, creating synergy, interdependence and self actualisation. Mark uses a number of tools to help individuals, teams and organisations to become more self aware and to develop themselves more fully. He is a BPS qualified test user so he uses an number of tools such as OPQ and NEO to measure the big 5, tools to measure what is important to people - SDI and Values technology, and also tools to plot ones level of development itself - LDF, LC and the Stages model. He uses a number of tools to aid development such as NLP, Neuro semantics, CFT and ACT. He also specialises in the use of Metaphor and Space in assisting individual and organisational change.

Miles Jowett

With a proven operational track record in not only, the development of individuals and cultures, and managing performance and people, but also, the design, delivery and measurement of training activity, Miles brings a wealth or practical and realistic solutions to all company sectors, all levels of staff, indeed everyone responsible for the optimum performance of a company, department, team or indeed themselves. Miles believes that people best learn through experience, so his manner and delivery style is based on real life, with anecdotes that really make the learning come alive. Learning objectives are met through pragmatic and proven theories and solutions being delivered in a realistic, understandable and proactive manner, appealing to all learning styles. Miles is also able to deliver at all levels from directors to front line staff and all group sizes whether individual one to ones or seminars. He is qualified by the BPS in Level A and B psychometric testing. On a personal note Miles is funny, deep, challenging and seamlessly uses his innate ability to engage others to become their best expression.

Cecilia Shandeva

Cecilia is a superb HR professional, with a track record of supporting international organisations and leading brands. She is a fully certified WRAW facilitator and has a devout passion for helping organisations realise business growth and outstanding performance through wellbeing and resilience.

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