The Performance and Wellbeing Challenge

We help our customers tackle some of their trickiest people and performance challenges. Looking at these challenges through a new lens and working collaboratively with them to equip their people with new learnings and performance toolkits to aid both employee performance and wellbeing and business performance and results.

Whats on our mind currently? The disruption business is currently facing and the impact this is having on business productivity and employee mental health, and just how many of our clients are wrestling with this particular challenge. While there are a number of factors clearly at play here, one thing is clear, how we support and develop our people has never been more important than it is now.

You can find out more about our work in this space and what we have been developing to help our customers overcome this challenge. 

We are about to launch a ‘be curious about’ range of learning content and programmes on topics such as Happiness and Wellbeing Based Performance, Storytelling, Embodiment, Creating Super Teams, Kind Leadership and Resilience.

These sessions will be available for in company tailoring as well as being a part of a larger people development programme.

Our value and impact

We are often asked about our results and return on investment. Which is fair question and we are more than happy to talk to you about specific results in detail as wel as the type of results we would be looking to achieve with you.

In general terms our work  positively impacts on.

  • Your People, and how they think, behave, communicate and perform
  • Your customers, whether that is in sales or service, which can be linked to metrics such as NPS, CSAT, Complaints, retention and loyalty
  • Your business, culture, performance and results

If you would like to arrange a conversation or attend one of our ‘be curious sessions’ then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Tony & Glenn

Find out how we can help

Recent Projects

These are some of the exciting and interesting projects we have been involved in over the last couple of years.

  • A bespoke ILM accredited blended leadership programme for nearly 200 frontline operational team leaders across four UK based contact centres, as well as master classes for senior operations managers and leaders (telco)
  • A bespoke six-month talent development programme focused on developing potential for up and coming managers and leaders. (telco)
  • A leading edge CX advisor programme for 150 new and existing employees in our clients brand new customer engagement centre (health and safety)
  • An innovative Practical HR  programme for both team and senior operations managers responsible for all aspects of the employee lifecycle including D&G, mental health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion (Telco)
  • An onboarding and coaching programme for a leading online music retailers customer support team spread across the UK and mainland Europe, developing a cohesive customer experience that is both personal and easy (media)
  • An innovative programme for a B2B function focusing on enhanced commerciality and performance management (telco)
  • A bespoke communication and service programme for a national police force as part of a world-leading transformation project and introduction of a brand new policing operating model (policing)

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