Case Study: Experian UK

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Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. To ensure continued business growth and the retention of customers in what are challenging economic conditions, the learning and development team wanted to develop a consistent standard of customer service across the various departmental contact centres, including business information, credit expert, and global technical services divisions of Experian UK.  


After a period of considerable research and analysis we designed a bespoke customer experience and communication programme for the business information contact centre team. Due to the success of this programme, other departments including credit expert, global services, interactive and global product and technology services requested their teams were also trained in the Future Vision ‘transactional to relational’ customer service model.  

We were then engaged by the Credit expert team to help them develop sales through service, retaining more customers for longer than the initial free trial period.  The sales through service programme not only improved the service teams confidence and equipped them with a suite of proactive telephone sales skills, but also increased revenue through greater retention considerably, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds in additional customer revenue, earning us a performance related bonus as part of the agreed payment structure for this project.  

All of our programmes were supported by call coaching and core coaching programmes for the team leader and management populations, enabling the learning to be supported and embedded post training and ensuring the frontline supervisory population possessed the coaching and feedback skills to effectively improve the performance of their teams.  

Key results

  • Improved customer satisfaction and increased Net Promoter Scores (NPS) +24.
  • Increased customer retention and additional sales revenues through outstanding customer service (£100k+).
  • Reduced complaints and unwanted repeat contacts (-15%).
  • Developed effective call handling standards and coaching guides for the customer experience programmes.
  • Introduced coaching as an effective tool to coach improved performance across the teams and departments we trained.

Client feedback

Great workshops, I was so impressed!

When I joined the learning and development team I was asked to review all customer service training within the organisation. This is where I first met Tony and Glenn. I was so impressed I made them our customer service supplier of choice. Their workshops are values and behaviours based which always have more impact than pure focus on techniques. I am now the head of customer service and I continue to use Future Vision as I always get great feedback from everyone in my team and their workshops have an impact on the performance of my team. Great workshops and easy people to do business with.  

head of customer services

Careful planning and outstanding delivery...

The Future Vision programme gave us a clear structure to build on. It represents the cornerstone of our customer experience in terms of consistency and quality. Key to the success of the programme was the careful planning and bespoke nature of the design phase. This, allied with outstanding delivery from Glenn, has ensured excellent levels of energy, commitment and enthusiasm from the team. We regard this programme, and the momentum it has gathered, as key to our stated goal to deliver a world-class customer experience to Credit Expert customers.   

operations director, credit expert