Case Study: Lloyds Banking Group

Contact Centre Service and Sales


The business banking division of Lloyds TSB were looking to introduce new products and services to their medium sized business customers with the aim of enhancing their experience and increasing customer revenue.  

The challenge for the bank was that these customers were mainly being managed through the contact centres whose focus had primarily been on customer service rather than sales. It was felt that this service culture would need to move towards a more proactive sales culture, while still maintaining an excellent level of customer service. There was some concern that the customer service advisors would feel uncomfortable about this change and would find it quite difficult to adjust to a more sales orientated role.  


We started by spending time in the contact centres, observing and talking to the customer service advisors, their team mangers, senior team managers and contact centre manager.  

This helped us understand their perspectives, thoughts and in some cases concerns. We then listened to a cross section of their telephone calls enabling us to understand the customers agenda, what the advisors were already good at, what could be improved and what might need to be added to their performance if they were going to be able to successfully introduce new products and services.   

We then designed a three-day workshop that focussed on developing a new proactive mindset, developing enhanced service and sales skills and finally using live role-playing to enable staff to practice in a safe but realistic environment. This was delivered to advisors, team managers and senior team managers in the contact centres. 

We supported this with specialist call coaching and inspiring peak performance workshops for team managers, senior team managers and the contact centre manager.   

Key results

  • Customers experienced an enhanced and enriched service through the contact centre.
  • The contact centres are moving towards a new proactive sales through service culture and staff are happy with this change. 
  • Advisors now possess the mindset, skills and confidence to introduce and sell new products, in particular being able to develop more influential conversations, spot opportunities, use FAB and help customers to identify the most appropriate services for them.
  • The target for income generation was achieved, enabling a clear return on the investment.
  • People scores increased across the board.

Client feedback

Tony and his company provided a fantastic customer experience learning programme

senior manager, business banking, lloyds tsb

The key to the success of the project has been unlocking the potential of the staff involved.  Increasing the belief in the staff’s own abilities has meant their approach to things they perceived as “not them” or “too difficult” has been completely changed. The courses demonstrated, in a very practical way, how to build more effective conversations with customers and ultimately to provide a more comprehensive individual service that helped to fully meet their needs.   

Tony and his company provided a fantastic customer experience learning programme for our contact centre employees, which made a significant difference to their personal and business performance. The programme centred on allowing our people to believe in themselves and their capability. It also helped them develop the necessary skills to be successful in their roles. 

We saw significant improvements to both results, in terms of sales, and the motivation of the people who attended the programmes. The original programmes were run over two years ago and yet I'm still reminded now by the people who attended those courses, of just how good they were.