Case Study: Premier Farnell

Developing Global Contact Centre Sales and Customer Service


In what is an exceptionally competitive market place Premier Farnell recognised that developing the sales and customer service skills of their contact centre people would be critical to their on-going growth and success. Integral to this would be the leaders and operational managers’ ability and confidence to drive and support this new style of engagement from the top down.


Working with the leadership team we designed master classes that helped develop a shared understanding of the customer experience to be delivered via the service and sales channels and how as leaders they are responsible for leading and inspiring this transformation. 

Key managers then attended the sales and service training that would be rolled out across the global contact centre network, ensuring they were congruent with the programmes and could champion their value and importance as part of the integration strategy.  Further development was also provided in people management specifically around providing effective and motivational feedback and developmental coaching to their teams post training. 

By aligning the leadership, management and frontline behind a united vision for service, Premier Farnell has been able to improve both employee engagement and customer experience in both the short and now medium term and have begun the process of developing a truly people and customer focused culture.

Key results

  • A team of more effective people managers who understand the importance of feedback and coaching.
  • Enhanced understanding of the role of the leader in developing a customer focused culture and service.
  • Improved customer service and sales skills across the contact centre teams.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Increased sales of new and additional products through cross and up selling to existing customers.
  • A company more attuned to the importance of learning and its benefits for the organisation, its employees and customers.

Client feedback

Passionate, innovative and exceptional results

head of organisational development, global multi channel distribution group

Having worked with Future Vision over the last 10 years, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are passionate, innovative and the results they achieve are exceptional.