Our Approach

Changing times require a change of approach

So, at Future Vision we view and do performance differently. 

The business world is going through a period of unprecedented change and transformation this is having a profound impact on how people live and work, now and in the future.

We believe there's a better way to develop people, and this is needed now more than ever as we recover from the pandemic and continue to move towards the increasingly digital workplace.

Future Vision Performance Focus

Our approach to performance

Our different approach flips the traditional performance model on its head. Instead of developing the technical, tactical and strategic skills of leaders, teams and talent, we focus first on developing their human skills, as we know from experience working with high performers and in highly pressurised environments, it is these skills that make the biggest difference now and in the increasingly digital workplace of the future.

In fact high performers across the board all have something in common. They have all learned and continue to cultivate certain mindsets, behaviours, skills and practices that continue to set them apart from the rest. We believe anyone can learn how to become a high performer and we can show you how.

These are the human skills we develop and grow in your people, whether its leadership, team or talent development these are the skills your people need now and in preparation for the future.

Psychological skills are the mental skills and abilities that help people perform better, especially under pressure. They help us to  recover from setbacks, manage our self talk and negative, unhelpful thoughts and thinking patterns, and increase confidence, focus and motivation.

Emotional skills are the abilities to identify and regulate our emotions and the emotions of others, and then being able to respond to and engage appropriately with others.

Social skills are the abilities to communicate and interact with others, improving trust, connection, influence and collaboration.

We bring human skills to the heart of business, transforming how people think, self manage, interact and lead. It is these psychological, emotional and social skills that together, provide the platform for high performance and enable people to realise their true potential.

And it's not only us saying this. Organisations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), MIT, Harvard and others have reported human skills as the most critical skills for employees to develop and learn now and in preparation for the future workplace.

Wit over 25 years' experience developing people and performance in business and sport, we are ideally placed to take your performance to a new level and provide your business with the winning edge.

Our approach to working with you

Our approach involves getting under the skin of your business, its people and performance, understanding your unique performance challenges and aspirations, and working with you to define a new approach to human performance development.

Once we understand your performance challenges and aspirations, we combine the latest thinking and tools, from neuroscience, performance psychology, emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication and learning to create the right development solutions for your business and people.

This could be an entirely bespoke approach where we integrate human skills into an existing in house leadership, sales or service development programme, or you may decide you would like your people to go on one of our ready to go programmes or sessions, or it could be a combination of the two, the choice is yours.

Our approach can be divided into five distinct stages:

  1. Discover
  2. Create
  3. Facilitate
  4. Support
  5. Evaluate

Each stage involves a number of different aspects depending on the nature and scope of the project and what you require from us. All of this would be determined in the discover and create stages before any delivery has even been planned.

In summary, we can offer you as little or as much support as you require and being boutique means we are agile and adept at adapting to the differing needs, wants and expectations of our clients and in a timely manner.

Are you ready for a different approach to developing your people and performance? Check out our core services to discover how we can help you achieve high performance in your leaders, teams and talent.

Our approach ensures your people...

  • Know their best self and how to ‘be it’ consistently
  • Know how to perform under pressure
  • Are able to recover from setbacks and overcome challenges
  • Can maximise their strengths
  • Can develop effective self talk
  • Learn how to manage negative, irrational and unhelpful thoughts and feelings
  • Learn about emotions and empathy and emotional regulation
  • Develop purpose and high performance goals
  • Improve concentration and commitment
  • Improve confidence and self belief
  • Recognise, adapt and flex their verbal and non verbal communication (style, tone, language)
  • Improve self motivation 
  • Increase self awareness 
  • Develop a peak performance mindset and improve the technical, tactical and physical components faster

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