Coaching & Performance Support

Performance coaching, consolidation and integration

We're experts in the psychology of learning and knowledge retention, so you can maximise your investment through the right coaching and performance support.

The famous Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve reminds us just why ongoing coaching and performance support are critical to the development of your people. 

To successfully aid the integration of new  knowledge, mindsets, behaviours and skills it is vital that organisations embrace coaching and performance support as part of their employee learning and development strategy.

As organisations seek to maximise the performance of their people, the role of the manager continues to evolve and change.

Forward thinking organisations are developing their managers as performance coaches, recognising the vital role effective coaching and performance support plays in developing their people and performance, consistently and sustainably. 

We think this is just the beginning of a bigger human shift as organisations move from coaching only the technical and tactical elements required to perform, towards coaching the emotional, psychological and social skills, which we know are the true drivers of peak human performance.

Therefore, as well as developing your managers and leaders as coaches, as part of our hybrid leadership development programmes, we also directly coach business leaders, business teams, including sales and customer service. We coach coaches and players, in fact anyone who wants to optimise their performance and unlock their potential.

All of our development programmes include a range of performance support tools including interactive PDFs, videos and guides to aid learner retention and integration.

How we deliver

All of our learning content can be delivered:

  • Entirely in-person
  • Virtually
  • Or as a hybrid of the two

Hybrid sessions involve a combination of:

  • Live Zoom learning
  • In-person sessions
  • Group discussion
  • Activities
  • Exercises
  • Games and videos
  • Performance toolkits

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