Developing People and Performance in the Public Sector:

Contact Centre Conversations

We have worked with over 30 different public sector organisations, delivering bespoke call handling, communications and customer service training to frontline teams in force control rooms, communications centres, casualty bureaus,  council customer service centres and emergency helplines. 

We get great results, if you want to improve frontline performance change the conversation and like our customers benefit from.

  • Improved call quality and customer satisfaction scores
  • Improved contact centre productivity metrics
  • Reduced repeat calls, escalations and complaints
  • Reduced employee frustration and stress

Customer Communication and Service

We have spent considerable time delivering training and learning in customer service and communication to front line police officers, including response, neighbourhood and station teams, CPS case workers, foreign office (consulate and embassy teams), housing association tenancy and repairs teams and local council social care and support teams.

While the jobs are different they all involve delivering a service to the public. so ensuring these teams are equipped with the latest communication and customer service skills is essential

When was the last time you refreshed your teams customer service & communications skills, feel free to get in touch we would love to help.

Emotional Resilience and Wellbeing

Having spent considerable time in the field and working closely with the frontline, we have seen first hand the incredible variety of customers and situations these teams have to deal with and often just how challenging it is for these teams and the impact it can have on their well being and performance.

While this is now a fast growing field, we have been helping frontline teams develop their self awareness and ability to manage their emotions and stress responses for over a decade. 

How are you developing  self awareness and emotional resilience in your frontline teams? Get in touch today to find out how we develop emotional resilience and psychological safety.


Optimising Team Performance

We have worked extensively with frontline managers and leaders, developing their ability and motivation to successfully build and lead high performing teams.

Having both been frontline managers we understand the unique pressures of the role and most importantly what it takes to develop a high performing team and to be a top performing manager or leader..

How are your managers developing their teams? What is their personal impact? How are they balancing optimal performance with employee wellbeing? 

As specialists in human behaviour and team performance we are ideally positioned to help you develop your managers of the future, so why not get in touch today and find our more about how we develop individual and team performance.




We are coaches and we are passionate about the role coaching can play in the business context if it is used in the right way.

There is still some confusion over the role of coaching in the workplace. Why coaching in the workplace? What type of coaching should our managers be providing? What models can we use? What skills do our people need to develop? What is a coaching mindset?How do we make coaching a key management discipline? What can we learn from sports coaching? What does a coaching culture look like? Can it change behaviour?

Whether you are looking to develop the coaching skills of your people, or want to develop a coaching culture we can assist you. We can also provide direct one to one and group coaching as well as executive coaching for your leaders. Get in touch today to find out how coaching can transform your performance.



We develop the leaders of tomorrow by increasing their capacity in 3 main areas.

  1. Leading Self
  2. Leading Others
  3. Leading Commercially

Our learning and consultancy team develop leaders in all three of these important areas and equips them to face the challenges of leading in a disrupted world.


Combining been there seen it, done it experience and success at the highest operational and strategic levels with the latest understanding in psychology, neuroscience and human behaviour. Find out more about how we develop future leaders today.

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