Changing Conversations

What are the impacts of poor and ineffective conversations on business? We have all had them. The awful customer call. The horrible one to one or performance review. The difficult colleague, department or team. If we quantified the impact of these conversations there would be significant negative outcomes in many of them. If you want to change behaviour, lets change the conversation. That is exactly what we do. We help organisations change their conversations.

How we as leaders and mangers communicate and behave towards our people and teams has a significant impact on their engagement, productivity and performance and of course how our teams communicate with each other and their customers also impacts on both the customer experience and bottom line. The sort of conversations we get involved in developing tend to fall into three main categories.

Customer Conversations

Conversations between customer service teams (retail and contact centre) and their customers throughout the customer experience. These can be some of the most challenging interactions for employees, these conversations are often full of emotion and require a number of communication and service skills to artfully handle everything from the mundane to the complex. Our learning here focuses on how to develop an emotional connection with the customer. using empathy and rapport to connect and guide the customer throughout the customer journey.

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Sales Conversations

Conversations between sales people and customers throughout the sales lifecycle and experience. Effective sales conversations are the lifeblood of any business, whether that is prospecting for new business or handling inbound sales calls we have the expertise to help you transform your sales conversations and dialogue.

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Performance Conversations

Conversations between managers and their teams: Todays managers and leaders need to be able to hold effective conversations about performance and development as well as being able to connect emotionally and manage the wellbeing of their teams. This learning equips managers to effectively manage a range of employee conversations, whether that is a difficult one to one, a coaching session or an important team meeting we can help your managers transform the quality of their conversations and communications.

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