Developing People

The world of L&D is changing fast and more and more organisations are embracing new ways to develop their people and deliver learning. It truly is an exciting time for anyone involved in the people development and learning space.  

At Future Vision we embrace the new and the old, combining proven strategies and tools with new ideas and ways of delivering learning that transforms how your people think, behave and perform. We have been developing people for over 20 years, designing and delivering a range of bespoke learning and development programmes that focus on transforming employee mindsets, behaviours and skills. As specialists in human performance we understand what makes people tick, and most importantly what helps to keep them stuck. Working at the mindset and behaviour level we develop peoples self awareness and emotional intelligence, personal resilience, presence and impact, as well as specific sales and services mindsets and behaviours for those teams.

We do of course also develop  skills and knowledge and often our learning, coaching and trainings involve a combination of them all.

Our team of learning designers and facilitators use a range of leading edge learning methods and tools, combined with the latest scientific research to create learning that is experiential, meaningful, sustainable and engaging, capturing the hearts and minds of your people.


Developing New Mindsets

Since the brilliant work of Neuroscientist Paul Boch Y Rita , we know we can literally re-wire our brain at any age. The challenge - the same plasticity can create more flexible behaviours or more rigid behaviours. We have to fully become the authors of the changes that will serve us best and learn how. We all have some rewiring to do because we all have a range of limiting beliefs, bias, insecurities and habits that don't serve our desired outcomes. We show you how to rewire, in ways that are profound and fun. Informative, highly practical, science based, life and performance transformative.


Developing New Behaviours

New behaviours develop and become consistent when we employ at least 5 steps. 1. Develop greater awareness. 2. Rewire our brain. 3. Consistently practice new behaviours. 4. Integrate the learning in an environment that supports practice. 5. Set realistic time lines for change. These 5 will guarantee you a return on your investment. We have the experience, tools and expertise to help you in all areas.

Developing Skills, Tools and Techniques

Many teams and organisations know they want to improve things in performance areas such as, sales, more resilience, more focus, greater productivity, less stress etc. We help you identify the most practical, easy to apply skills that create these things. Via our team of experts that draw upon vast amounts of self-applied and operational experience, psychology, somatic and neuroscience.

What people deveopment challenges are you facing?


Whatever the challenge we can assist you. Our learning and development solutions reflect the thinking behind 70/20/10 and the importance of both formal and informal learning, using different mediums and tools to provide a range of blended learning options to improve the performance of your people and business. 

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