transform your thinking and your business

Is your business experiencing any of these common challenges?

  • Poor internal communication and customer service
  • Teams and departments working in silos
  • Inconsistent customer service across different channels, damaging your customer experience
  • Internal conflict and dysfunctional relationships
  • Poor or inconsistent sales performance
  • LOW NPS and Customer satisfaction scores
  • Developing sales through customer service
  • Change projects that seem to run out of steam or fail to deliver the expected outcomes
  • Underperforming teams or departments

If you have said yes to any of the above then Tetramap will transform your business.

Using nature as a metaphor (earth, air, water and fire) Tetramap helps people understand their own communication and behavioural preferences and with this knowledge other peoples too, transforming communication and thereby creating more effective relationships with both colleagues and customers. Some of us have a tendency to prefer left-brain thinking (air and earth – facts, logic and goal orientation) whilst others prefer right-brain thinking (water and fire – relationships and possibilities).  This model together with the underpinning neuroscience will help you develop ‘whole brain thinking’ so that you can flex your communication style to connect with a variety of different people, with very different needs.

Tetramap focuses specifically on transforming customer experience across all channels, be that in person, by phone, via email or even social media. It helps organisations truly understand their customers preferences and needs, enabling frontline teams to deliver a personalised service that wows customers everytime.

Watch these short videos to discover more about Tetramap:


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