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our approach

  • Getting to know you and your business. We are ever so curious about people and business and take the time to really understand your brief and get under the skin of your business, its people, drivers, challenges and goals. 
  • Identifying the people and performance gap. We love getting our hands dirty, Immersing ourselves in your business and working with you to identify the root causes of the performance challenge and the barriers to change.
  • Creative solution building. In collaboration we design innovative, blended learning experiences and bespoke performance improvement and coaching tool kits.
  • Developing the narrative. What is the story behind this change or improvement initiative. What does it mean to your people and why should they be engaged and inspired to change and how are you going to communicate this to them. We can help you storytell this change so your people are excited about what is ahead and are ready to embrace new ways of thinking and working.
  • Making it happen. This is where the magic happens as our team of fantastic facilitators and coaches work with your people to change or improve their performance. Developing new mindsets and behaviours, equipping them with new skills and knowledge in innovative and engaging ways.
  • Consolidating and embedding. Changing or developing new mindsets and behaviours on whatever scale is not always easy and often takes time and considerable practice. We can help you to embed any change or new learning and utilise a range of performance and coaching tools and activities to do this.

Future Vision are a Brighton based boutique learning and performance consultancy. For nearly 20 years we have been on a mission to help organisations unlock and maximise the potential of their people, tackling a range of people and performance challenges through our innovative approach to learning and performance optimisation.

We love what we do and we want your people to also, so why not get in touch today and talk to us about your people and performance challenges, perhaps we can turn these challenges into opportunities for new learning and performance improvement.

The business world is going through considerable change and in many instances complete disruption. Leaders are having to contend with a multitude of challenges as they look to first stabilise and then  further develop and grow their businesses in what are uncertain and challenging times.  With the arrival of new challenger brands and business models winning and retaining customers has never been harder, rapidly evolving technologies, such as AR, AI and robotics are changing how many companies are doing business, and of course leading and retaining a multi generational and diverse workforce, including the fast growing millennial generation who have their own needs and expectations about the organisations they work for is no easy feat.

All of this means many organisations are going through considerable change which of course impacts most heavily on the resilience and effectiveness of your people. 

Developing managers and leaders who can optimise performance and wellbeing pre, post and during change is the key to both employee engagement, customer retention and growth and we believe ultimately business success. 

We are friendly engaging people and performance specialists, who relish taking on new people challenges, so what ever the issue we can help.

Tony Dain MD Future Vision

Email: tony@futurevisiontraining.co.uk

Mobile: 0787 989 6237

DDI: 01273 626 640

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